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Properties of Modacrylic

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Following are some of the general properties of modacrylic:
  • Strength: The fiber is of moderate strength and is twice as strong as wool. It is weaker than cotton, linen and silk. The fiber has a fairly good abrasion resistance.

  • Elasticity: The elasticity of modacrylic can be compared to that of acrylic. It has little stretchability and there tends to be a moderate amount of recovery when stretched. The fiber has good dimensional stability and shape retention.

  • Resilience: The fiber has excellent resilience. It does not wrinkle fast and they tend to fall out easily.

  • Absorbency: The fiber is less absorbent than both the natural and various man made fibers.

  • Heat Conductivity: The fiber is not a good conductor of heat, which is due to its chemical composition.
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