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Tufted Carpets

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Tufted carpets account for about 95% of the total carpet production in the world. This construction method is the most extensively used all across the world.

These carpets/rugs are manufactured by making use of tufting machines. These machines insert pile tufts with needles so as to penetrate a primary backing fabric, thus forming tufts.

Manufacturing Process
These carpets/ rugs are composed of pile yarn inserted into a base fabric, Known as the primary backing. This is usually woven fabric made of jute or polypropylene. Tufts are inserted in the backing fabric with the help of a machine that punches thousands of tufting needles through it. The quality of carpet depends on the number of tufts in it.

The primary backing is often coated with latex or other suitable adhesives in order to permanently secure the tufts in place. A secondary backing is often added by laminating a woven jute or polypropylene scrim. This is done to enhance the body and hand and also improve the dimensional stability.

This method of construction is: