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Viscose Rayon

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Viscose rayon is made from cotton fiber or wood pulp, usually obtained from spruce, hemlock and pine trees. The method of chemically producing rayon, was first done in the year 1840 by F.G. Keller, a well known German weaver.

Physical Characteristics
This cellulose based man made fiber is highly absorbent, soft, can be easily dyed and draped. The fiber is very durable and used in large number of applications.

Manufacturing Process
Wooden chips or cotton fibers are treated to produce sheets of purified cellulose. These sheets are then soaked in caustic soda, for producing sheets of alkali cellulose. This substance is then broken into grains called cellulose crumbs and liquid carbon disulfide is added to it.
The above process turns the cellulose into cellulose xanthate, which are further dissolved in a weak solution of caustic soda and transformed into a thick solution called viscose.

Viscose rayon has a host of applications across industries. Some of them are: