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Silk bed covers made from the queen of fabrics the “Silk”, are the item of luxury that has a sheen and bright luster. Silk bed covers are also hypoallergic, warm in cold & cool in summers. So it can almost be used in every season. Silk bed linens are not hand washable so you will have to send them for dry cleaning. This feature makes the silk bed covers limited for the occasional use & for formal purposes whereas cotton bed covers are used for casual to formal occasions. Earlier silk bed linens were found in the bedrooms of affluent but now it is not that difficult to purchase this grand looking bed covers in silk.

What is a Silk Fabric?

Silk Bed CoverA 100% natural and organic fabric, the silk is produced by the silkworm (Bombyx mori) in the form of protein. The beginning of silk production took place in China, which still is the largest producer of silk. Chinese silk bed covers are in vogue. From China the eggs were then smuggled to Europe where in Italy the silk production began in 13 century. Silk has the natural strength and softness but bit high on price. This is because of the production technique. To produce 5.5 Kg of silk 30 thousand silkworm eggs are required who need one ton mulberry leaves. After getting the filament extensive work goes into to make the final silk fabric , which then is used to make fine quality of garments, silk bed linens, bed covers, shower curtains , table runners, quilt covers and other textile furnishings .

Various Fabrics to make Silk Bed Covers

Taffeta Silk Bed CoverIn fine garment and silk bed covers, the fabric made from single thread is used, whereas if you like textured look then go for the crepe style. Tram style will create weft & filling in the silk bed linen. So based on the number of threads & how they are weaved to form the fabric will also define the quality and look of the silk bed cover. The silk bed covers can be made from matka fabric, taffeta fabric, crepe fabric, silk georgette fabric, silk linen fabric, silk tissue and silk organza fabric.

Types of silk bed covers

  • Designer silk bed covers
  • Silk bed covers with mirror work
  • Embroidered silk bed covers
  • Patchwork silk bed covers

Embroidered Silk Bed CoverSilk bed cover manufacturers & suppliers have understood the unique need of the consumer. So the manufacturers now keep the team of designers who give out many new styles, colors & patterns in silk bedding. The stylish bed covers by designers are also called designer silk bed covers. Pure silk bed covers with mirror work are also getting hot. You can use this as gift also. Mirror work is done by hand. And if you talk about the style then nothing looks better then the embroidered silk covers. The extent of embroidery changes the price. More the embroidery more will be the price. You can also go for the hand done or machine done embroidered silk bed covers. These also come in the category of luxury silk bed covers. Any additional work will make the price go up.

The bed covers also differ in size. You will find double silk bed covers & single silk bed covers. In double, further you have the choice of king, queen & kids silk bed covers. To buy the perfect size measure the length & breadth or your bed. Along with this also check for the mattress thickness. Add all these things to buy any bed cover. So the size of the bed cover must be more than your bed size so that you can tuck it in the mattress of keep it flowing from the edges.

The most famous silk bed covers are

Printed Silk Bed CoversIndian silk bed covers are famous for appeal, floral designs & embroidery. Weavers use their family experience while weaving the fabric and thus produce internationally known Indian bed covers. So if we talk about versatility in design then no one can beat Indian bed covers & bed linens along with other home furnishing products made from silk. Although there are many silk centers in India but the chief ones are in eleven states of India which are Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Gujarat, J&K, Karnataka, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, UP and West Bengal. China is also the chief manufacturer of silk & thus there are many chinese silk bed cover manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in this sector.

Famous Silk Bed Cover Manufacturers

  • Gingerlily Silk Bed Linen
  • Simo Silk
  • Faux
  • Williams-Sonoma
  • Nidhi Fab Silk (P) Ltd