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Satin Bed Covers

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Satin bed covers present the luxury bedding for your bedroom. Very bright and shiny in appearance, the satin bed covers can be of single color, printed, in the quilted form, with embroidery or can have an appliqué work. Satin fabric is very smooth to touch and warm. Satin is also a wrinkle free fabric and thus fit for winter bedding. Moreover its rough surface from beneath has the anti-slip tendency so can be used without much worry. But the care it needs limit the use of satin bed sheets from casual to sparing. Originally satin was made only from silk but now some satins are mixed with polyester, rayon, cotton and spandex to form superior quality satin that are very fine.

Satin fabric is very glossy from the top but the back is dull. Satin fabric is made from silk and same like this it was first of all developed in China, which later was introduced to Italy. It became the symbol of royalty in Europe because of its immense shine and soft feel. Sheen at the top of the fabric is because of the unique weaving style in which some yarns are brought to the surface. Satin fabric is of various types based on the thickness, weight and flexibility. You can find duchess, faconne or jacquard, delustered satin, sateen and satinet satin. Now depending upon the use of fabric, the satin bed covers can be of following types:
  • Duchess satin bed covers
  • Faconne or jacquard satin bed covers
  • Delustered satin bed covers
  • Sateen bed covers
  • Satinet satin bed covers
Satin Bed CoversDuchess satin bed coves are thick and heavy and will have gloss on one side. But most commonly this fabric is used to make wedding dresses instead of its use in textile furnishings.

You will find interwoven patterns in Faconne or jacquard satin bed covers. The pattern can vary from floral to stripes, circles or any other figure. You will also find dyed, printed, embroidered jacquard satin bed covers. If you are looking for something very light in weight then go for the delustered satin bed covers. This bed cover is same from both the sides with fine grained threads and also have no luster as the name suggest. Delustered satin is commonly known as peau de soie (skin of silk).

Sateen bed covers are made from a glossy cloth that further is manufactured from cotton or rayon. Whereas if you are looking for a satin from silk threads then check the satinet satin bed covers. Most of these satin bed covers comes in the form of seamless bedding sets where along with bed covers you will also get pillow cases.

Satin bed linens and satin bed sheets are also used in hotels for making luxury bedding. Striped, quilted, patchwork, contemporary, designer and traditional satin bed linens are easy to get. Manufacturers of these also make other products like decorative cushion covers, duvet covers, table runners, table cloths and other furnishing products along with this.

Satin Bed Cover Sizes

Satin Bed CoversKing, queen or full sizes are available in satin bed covers. So depending upon the size of your bed and mattress thickness you can buy the elegant satin bed sheets for your bed. For more silky feel and smoothness you can also consider the thread count that is the number of threads per square inch of the fabric. Also double, single, kid's room satin bed sheets are available. So no need to worry on the aspects of color, design & sizes while purchasing for satin bed covers.

Satin Bed Cover Care

Make sure that the bed covers in satin must only be ironed from the reverse side with the steam iron. Do not rub the satin while washing or cleaning it. Always follow laundry instructions mentioned on the label of the bed linens. Never mix it with other cotton bed covers. Also never bleach the satin bed covers as this will destroy the fabric and will result the yellowing of color. You can also use fabric conditioner while washing the satin. If there is any stain on the satin bed cover then make sure to treat it early. Pre-soaking it in cold water and oxygen pre soaker will help in cutting the stain. The time of soaking must be close to 7-8 hours as it is a thick fabric.

Satin Bed Cover Manufacturers

Satin bed cover manufacturers make high quality bed sheets with other elegant bedding products to change the appearance of your bedroom. Some manufacturers and suppliers of satin bed sheets like Ralph Lauren Bed Linen are known for very fashionable and stylish bedding. In this they make exotic bed sheets, mattress pads, pillow shams, electric blanket etc. Locally you will find many satin bed cover suppliers like Govindji Trikamdas and Co. , Hemlines Textile Exports Private Limited (also satin bed cover exporter along with other home furnishing products), Shivam Exporters, Anvesha Exports, Rison International etc. Thus there are many satin bed sheets suppliers at present in the textile furnishing industry. Satin bed linens exporters make sure to check all the quality parameter while manufacturing these home decor product.

Satin Bed Cover Brands

  • Jardin Secret
  • IKEA
  • Croscill Bed Linen
  • Ralph Lauren Bed Linen
  • Alexander Julian Bed Linen