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Woolen Bed Covers

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Woolen bed covers are the vital bedding products that cannot be missed. Pure wool bed covers are very warm and give the feeling of coziness. You really get a nice sleep in the warmth of woolen bed covers as wool is a natural insulator. Exquisite designs and patterns having attractive color combination and the shrink resistant property are the features of wool bed covers.

Wool jacquard bed covers, quilted woolen bed covers, printed and with embroidery are also the part of these beautiful bed covers that make wonderful textile furnishing product. Queen size, king size, single as well as double woolen bed covers are available in the market to adorn your bedroom style.

What is Wool?

Jacquard Woolen Bed Covers Wool also known as fleece is made from the hair of sheep. Wool is most commonly used to make variety of garments that are worn in winters by weaving or knitting. Now it has also been used to make textile furnishing products and even for the narrow fabric manufacturing . It is also used to make rugs and carpets. Wool is easy to dye and very easy to work upon. To make wool first of all shearing of the sheep is done which is done once in every year. Then the wool is washed and made free from any impurity. Wool is then dyed and send for teethed rolling where it is spun to make long and strong fibers, which are then used to make different items.

Stylish Woolen Bed Covers

  • Ribboned wool bed covers
  • Crochet wool bed covers
  • Jacquard woolen bed covers
  • Paisley bed covers

Woolen Bed CoversStyle is the part of today's life. Simple looking plain woolen bed covers are not the choice of today's consumer. So wool bed cover manufactures and suppliers make use of all kinds accessories to make these bed covers look elegant and be a part of stylish bedding. Jacquard and paisley styles are very common to see. Paisley is a kind of print that that has been modified from the Kashmiri embroidery and has the Mughal touch. In Jacquard style the pattern is weaved in the woolen bed covers that also make it look appealing.

There are several ways to accessorize the woolen bed covers. Embroidery, ribbons, laces and crochet are the most common ways of doing so. Crochet and ribbons are used all over the edges for princely look. Wool bed cover manufacturers churn out variety of colors to form the warm bedding furnishing. Lacy crocheted woolen bed covers are very popular and look good when spread neatly on the bed with matching or contrasting pillow covers.

Properties & Types of Wool Bed Covers

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Woolen bed covers are also wrinkle free and have the tendency to absorb moisture. Wool also breathes by allowing air to pass through its fibers. Also wool is fire retardant, soft & mold, mildew and dust resistant fabric. So bedding made from this fantastic fabric will have all these qualities. Wool bed covers retain their shape for a longer period of time and does not undergo much wear and tear thus have more life than cotton bed covers and other types. Wool also has the natural stretch so bed covers in wool can fit to your bed even if it needs stretching. Types of woolen bed cover:
  • Cariboo wool bed covers
  • Merino wool bed covers
  • Cashmere wool bed cover
  • Jamawar wool bed covers
  • Flannel bed covers
  • Chenille bed covers

Cashmere Wool Bed CoverFlannel bed covers are very soft and warm. It is made from the twilled or plain weave that is bleary on one side and very soft on the other side.
Merino wool bed covers are of superior quality and very soft. These are made from the Merinos breed of sheep that is known to produce higher quality of wool. The staples are also very long and finely crimped. The Merino wool has diameter that is less than 24.5 micrometer.

Jamawar wool bed covers and shawls is the specialty if J& K in India. You will generally see beautiful Kashmiri embroidery on Jamawar bed covers and bed sheets that makes it more demanding and eye-catching.

Chenille wool bed covers are thick, soft and very fuzzy in appearance. Chenille fabric needs to be dry cleaned. Hand-washed bed covers in chenille cannot be hang as it will ruin its shape.

Organic Wool Bed Covers

Natural or organic bedding is becoming the mantra of today's society that comprised of many textile and garment products. Everyone is purchasing that is eco-friendly. Organic wool bed covers are no longer strange to the concept of save environment. You can get year round comfort by using these organic wool bed covers that are very light in weight. Also if you are allergic to wool then better to buy organic woolen bed covers.

Organic wool is made when sheep is grazed in the organic field which is without fertilizers and given organic food to eat. Also for the processing of organic wool no chemical is used. For dying purposes, organic and natural dyes are used. Angora wool is the example of organic wool from which various eco-friendly products are made.

Overall by using organic bed covers we give safe environment to the next generation, reduce toxic lead and other hard chemicals in air, water and soil thus protect these resources.

Most of the wool bed cover manufactures and supplies make and supply bed covers along with other home furnishing products made from wool such as carpets, table cloth, table runner, shower curtains etc. You can also get these customized as per your requirement of color, size and pattern. Manufactures and woolen bed cover exporters also keep numerous variety of color to break the dullness of bedroom. Durability is dependent upon the quality of the wool so wool bed cover manufacturers keep this in mind. Pure wool bed cover manufactures do not use any synthetic fiber along with wool, which makes it more comfortable for sound sleep. Hinar Corporation, Imran Fabric Industries, English Creations Craze are few to name for wool bed cover manufactures and exporters.

Major Woolen Bed Cover Brands

  • John Lewis
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Downlite