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Polyester Bed Covers

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Polyester bed covers are manufactured from the polyester fabric that is made from the synthesized polymers. Polyester bed covers are easy to maintain as this fabric has the natural resistant towards molds & mildew and very easy to wash. But as polyester fabric is highly flammable so use it wisely. Some polyester bed sheets are made from 100% polyester while others are mixed with cotton or satin . This makes lots of changes in the appearance. But superior quality polyester bed covers are sure to captivate you.

Galore of patterns and designs in cotton polyester bed covers add glamor to the bedroom and change the appeal of bedroom from ordinary to extra ordinary. You can use matching cushion covers, pillow covers and matching curtains to further enhance the appeal.

What is Polyester?

Printed Polyester Bed CoverPolyester is a long chain of polymers that also contain dihydric alcohol and a terephthalic acid. Polyester fabric is extremely durable and strong and does not shrink. It also a wrinkle resistant fabric that is quick in drying and retain its shape for a long time. Due to these qualities and additional strength, polyester bed covers are very popular. Moreover you can wash the bed covers in polyester in machine. 100%­ Polyester bed sheets have all these qualities. But when mixed with cotton or satin then it also imbibe the qualities of other fabric.

Polyester Bed Covers Styles

  • Designer polyester bed covers
  • Patchwork polyester bed covers
  • Luxury polyester bed covers
  • Embroidered polyester bed covers
  • Quilted polyester bed covers

Designer polyester bed covers have all the other types in it. In this category you will find patchwork, embroidery and even quilted bed covers. Although very charming and beautiful designs can be seen on patchwork polyester bed covers yet these are available in very affordable price range.

Jacquard polyester bed covers have all sorts of intrinsic patterns that looks very cool when done with the matching bed covers, pillow covers, bed spreads and rugs. You whole bedroom can be more artistically decorated with the luxury polyester bed covers that are given unique touch of hand or machine embroidery. Embroidered polyester bed covers compete with cotton ones. Whole bed cover can have embroidery or it can be done on the sides or only on the edges. The color combination of the threads used in embroidery makes the whole difference. Moreover the pattern of embroidery further increase the appeal.
Jacquard Polyester Bed Cover
Quilted polyester bed covers are made of two bed sheets instead of one. These sheets are filled with fiber, cotton or polywool and then with nylon threads these are joined together by the process of quilting. Kid's bedroom can be decorated with polyester bed sheets that are colorful and have cartoons on it in the form of prints. Polka dots, play bunny, lilac swirls, Barbie, Tinkerbell are common to see on kid's bed sheets and really adore their room. Kids love colors, so polyester bed cover manufacturers keep this in mind.

Polyester bed cover manufacturers thus keep the ongoing bedroom styles in mind while making any bed cover. All the manufacturers have team of designers to make the styling bed covers that are liked by masses.

Polyester bed covers can be single or double. The size can vary from full, king to queen size. The price vary with the design and size. Even the thread count that defines the softness also cause the price to vary a lot. More the thread count more will be the price and softness.

Embroidered Polyester Bed CoverNormal polyester bed cover starts from $30 and can go upto $200. Patchwork polyester bed covers comes in various colors and generally starts from $40. Jacquard polyester bed covers are bit more expensive than the printed ones.

In India Parameswari Textiles, Nandi Fabrics, Vrinda Creations, Airwill Exports are few to name in the long llist of polyester bed cover suppliers and manufacturers. Many manufacturers are also the exporter of these bed covers to the nations like USA, UK, Europe, Australia etc. Cotton polyester bed cover exporters not only make bed covers but all the bed & bedding furnishing products. In this duvet covers are very famous in consumers.

Major Brands of Polyester Bed Covers

  • Cabela's
  • Kensington
  • Faux
  • Ona
  • Carrington
  • Lodge
  • Missoni